About us


ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte is exclusively directed towards its clients' interests, which are generally placed above the office's interests. We highly value direct and trustful interaction with our clients.

ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte is a cosmopolitan team - we feel privileged to accompany clients from abroad when they take their first and following steps on the German market.

Our work is oriented on high quality in each individual case and not on standardized routine procedures. Engagement of attorneys with excellent qualification in sufficient numbers and other measures put us in a position swiftly and adequately to meet our clients' queries while always strictly adhering to our high quality benchmarks. Our commitment is an integral part of our success and if deadlines or other circumstances require so, we are willing to perform far beyond ordinary standards.

We, ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte, provide our clients with "Ariadne’s thread" that guides them safely and successfully through the maze of laws and out again.About us