Arbitration and Other Means of Alternative Dispute Settlement


ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte are dedicated advocates of arbitration and other means of alternative dispute settlement.

We frequently come across highly complex matters which do not fall under the core curriculum of common judicial training. State courts do not always have chambers specializing in each and any subject matter. That is why we prefer arbitration in some practice areas, as arbitration can ensure the availability of proven experts to decide each and any individual case according to their respective field of specialisation.

Especially Mr. Horst Becker possesses profound experience in the area of national and international arbitration, not only in arbitration proceedings as such, but also in implementing and enforcing domestic and foreign arbitral awards.

Our office's attorneys have contributed to the establishment of arbitration structures in other countries in their capacity as foreign experts.

Finally, we have participated in a great number of arbitration and mediation proceedings and thus have gained strong experience in this field of alternative dispute settlement.