ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte was founded as a one-man-office in 1991 by Mr. Horst Becker. From 1995 to 2005, the law office co-operated with patent attorneys. From 2006 to 2009, it operated under the name Becker & Collegen, Rechtsanwälte. Since March 2009, we offer our services under the name of ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte.

At the beginning the office's focus was on franchising and the law of distribution. Shortly after that, our office offered legal consulting and representation to franchisees and franchisors from a variety of industries, sizes and states - including German sole proprietors as well as French and North American multinational companies. Satisfied clients soon asked for counsel and representation beyond the field of distribution and thus triggered expansion of the office's fields of operation. Today our law office provides legal services on all business matters.

Our former cooperation with patent attorneys arises from another important subject of our office: intellectual property law, including copyright and the law of unfair competition. Since 1997, we have provided counsel and representation to world-famous French clients in these areas with a focus on the protection of design. Of course we further provide services for companies from other countries in other areas of industrial property. Discontinuation of joint appearance with a particular firm of patent attorneys means that our clients now benefit from our newly-gained flexibility in selecting the patent attorney most appropriate for clarification of the technical implications of each individual case. Today, intellectual property is the second key area of operation of our office and in some years, it has been even the most important in terms of activities.

Over the past years, Rechtsanwalt Becker has been asked to be arbiter in national and international arbitration proceedings. Thus, our office gained another key area of operation. Moreover, we are active in international legal operations and accompany foreign clients in their endeavours on the German market, as well as German clients in their activities on international markets.

ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte has come to be a well-known and successful law firm enjoying their clients' absolute confidence. Expanding our field of activities and accepting ever more complex and challenging projects runs parallel with hiring additional attorneys for our office. We are always eager to integrate excellent, highly qualified law students and practitioners in our team. If you are interested in joining us, look for more detailed information under career.