Mythological and programmatic thread


We have picked Ariadne and Theseus to be role models of our programmes, because what we want to do is to help our clients, with good advice and good action, get through the maze of law and to steer them clear of evil that is lurking everywhere.

What impresses us with Ariadne and Theseus is that they act out of love for their native town and for other people, not driven by hunger for power or greed for glory as is often the case in Greek mythology.

Very similarly, our highest mission is helping our clients and loving our profession.  This mission takes precedence over our own personal interest, what ever it may be.  Much like Ariadne's readiness to give advice had grievous consequences for her on Naxos,  we do not allow anybody or anything to keep us from our endeavour for the benefit of our clients, even if we are threatened with personal scourge.  This has happened in the past, when the opponents of one of our clients tried to decry us with a professional association.  For us, this was only confirmation of how successfully we had advocated out client's interests.

Unlike Theseus had to do with Ariadne, our clients do not have to promise us a kingdom.  Our fees suffice.  Only in the event that someone should intend to fleece us of our fees, may he feel abandoned like Ariadne on Naxos.

And we have learnt from history.  It is not our ambition to write legal history at all cost.  The image of Aegeus, who gave the Aegean Sea his name, is conjured up by court decisions well-known in professional circles under the name of a certain enterprise, however, it cost that enterprise so dear that they became insolvent soon after.  In such cases, we also pay heed to the interests of our clients, who are sometimes better off with a well-considered settlement than they would be with an entry in legal history.

Finally, our effective system of deadline management and resubmission makes sure that the right sails are set at the right time so that the right signal is sent.

These are the ways in which ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte always successfully serve their clients with excellent professional expertise and extraordinary endeavour.