We are glad that you visit this page on our homepage, as we are always on the lookout for suitable attorneys and jurists who are willing to join and complement our team.

ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte is an attorneys' office of over 15 years' standing. Our head office is in Munich; other offices are in Berlin and Paris. A predominant mark by its founder is still prevalent in the office, and the new name independent of the office's founder expresses our mission to expand in spirit. Therefore, we are looking forward to welcoming new strong attorney personalities who will add their marks.

Five attorneys at ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte form a small, ambitious and very successful team. We advise and represent German-speaking, Francophone and Anglo-Saxon clients (among them internationally well-known enterprises), mainly in the field of commercial law, particularly the law of marketing and sales (with a focus on franchising) and the law on the protection of industrial property (focus on consumer goods). Our attorneys have published in-depth legal literature, including books and articles, they hold seminars for renowned companies and institutions and teach at a French University.

Our success has recently become almost a burden. Our clients keep entrusting us with a flow of fresh, challenging queries, and they recommend us extensively. In order to meet the continuously rising demand, we are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious team members. At the same time, we intend to enable our attorneys to specialize even more, by establishing sub-divisions (law of marketing and sales; law on the protection of industrial property).

This sums up what our office has to offer industrious and ambitious lawyers:

  • excellent scope for development,
  • early contact to clients,
  • swift takeover of responsibility, and
  • personal relations with the other attorneys in the team.

Outstanding lawyers thus soon get their chance in our office to take over a sub-division and to be among those in charge of the office as a whole, in top position, within a short time. Therefore, we are looking forward to applications by

articled clerks
trainee lawyers
postgraduates writing a thesis

both newcomers to the profession and applicants with several years' job experience in one of our fields of operation.

If this challenge appeals to you, please contact us. You will blend well with our team if you are an Ariadne-type or Theseus-type attorney.

This requires profound legal knowledge in one of our focus areas (or, in case of younger jurists, the ambitious wish to acquire this knowledge in due time). Moreover, you should be able to express yourself to the point and appropriate to the occasion and to the objective in the German, French and English languages and, possibly, even another language.

You have:

  • a good sense of the right approach to clients, opponents, courts, authorities and colleagues,
  • a highly-developed sense of responsibility,
  • an ability to convince others,
  • a talent to take decisions and
  • a dedication to work.

If you are a personality with a focus on the gist of things and a wish to be in charge of your own field of responsibility;
if, notwithstanding your ambition, you have retained your down-to-earth, independent character and sense of humour;
if scope for self-determined and creative work, for the development of your talents and interests is an even more important incentive for your motivation than material remuneration alone could ever be - then it's time we get to know each other !

We will be glad if you contact us:

ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte
Rechtsanwalt Mr. Horst Becker
Prinzregentenplatz 14
81675 Munich