We have selected Ariadne and Theseus to be our name and programme !

In doing so, we refer to a story from Greek mythology in which these two personae play a leading part.  

On the history of Ariadne and Theseus

Once upon a time, a monster called Minotaur lived on the island of Crete, and this monster was half the shape of a bull and half the shape of a human being. Minotaur dwelled in the maze of Crete where ever again, people had to be sacrificed to him.

Athens was among those obliged to send seven each noble young men and women to Crete at regular intervals where they were thrown to Minotaur as his fodder. Theseus, son of the king of Athens, wanted to put an end to this scourge. Together with the fourteen young Athenians he went by ship to Crete on his mission to defeat Minotaur. His father Aegeus let Theseus depart only with a heavy heart, and he asked him to set sails in a colour agreed between them upon his successful return, so that the happy completion of the venture would be visible from the shore.

Upon arrival on Crete, Theseus meets Ariadne, the daughter of the king of Crete. They fall in love with each other. Ariadne draws Theseus' attention to the fact that in the maze, he would not only have to find his way to Minotaur and to defeat him, but also to find a way back out to the entrance. Therefore, he is to tie a thread to the entrance of the maze and to roll it out on his way in and through. Thus, the thread could then show him the way back. Theseus follows Ariadne's advice, and on his way into the maze, he rolls out a thread from a ball of wool. He defeats Minotaur, who now cannot demand human sacrifices any more, and, thanks to Ariadne's thread, he finds his way out of the maze. Together with Ariadne he rushes back to his ship, which departs to Athens immediately - after all, he has promised Ariadne to make her his wife and thus, queen of Athens.


Mythological and programmatic thread

We have picked Ariadne and Theseus to be role models of our programmes, because what we want to do is to help our clients, with good advice and good action, get through the maze of law and to steer them clear of evil that is lurking everywhere.

What impresses us with Ariadne and Theseus is that they act out of love for their native town and for other people, not driven by hunger for power or greed for glory as is often the case in Greek mythology.

Very similarly, our highest mission is helping our clients and loving our profession. We do not allow anybody or anything to keep us from our endeavour for the benefit of our clients, even if even if we encounter strong resistance in this process.

These are the ways in which ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte always successfully serve their clients with excellent professional expertise and extraordinary endeavour.