ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte

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ARIATHES Rechtsanwälte is a law firm specializing in the field of German and international business law.

Our law firm stands for legal services that are of excellent quality and a steady commitment to the interests of our clients. The firm's international, cosmopolitan orientation is not only reflected in our high number of foreign clients, but also in our excellent contacts to specialized law firms in many countries around the world. They enable us to provide our clients with competent legal support as they expand abroad.

More information about our philosophy and our name, which expresses our fundamental set of values, can be found under the heading "Mythology". At this point, we would like to reveal so much that the name of our firm is also deeply aligned with our mission statement. The name ARIATHES is composed by bringing together two prominent figures found in Greek mythology, namely Ariadne and Theseus. Ariadne stands for sound advice and Theseus for the good deed. Together, they represent the helpful piece of red thread that provides much-needed guidance through the labyrinth of law.

Horst Becker